Permanent Memorialization

Woodyard Pet Services offers families a state-of-the-art crematory which is owned and operated by the Woodyard Family.  Our goal is to provide you with greater peace-of-mind, and a deeper sense of security in knowing your animal companion is tended by our staff, and never leaves our watchful care.

Our advanced tracking system assures you that the identity of your pet is known at all times, and that you receive only their ashes. Each pet is labeled with their information and a barcode which is scanned at each step in the cremation process, creating a time, date and caretaker log for each pet. For more details on this proprietary tracking system, please call us at (614) 221-7747.

Private Cremation Care

Private Cremation Care

Woodyard Pet Services offers families individual cremation, so that you know your beloved companion receives our complete attention. With private cremation care…

Your pet's cremated remains will be available at our Center within 5 business days. Note there are some instances with special engraving or special order urns that may be longer.

You'll receive our Pet Memory Kit, which includes:

  • Certificate of Private Cremation
  • Online Pet Tribute containing your pet’s life story, ability to post and comment on pictures and videos, and the ability to link the page to your Facebook account
  • Fur Clipping (Note: There are some instances where a fur clipping is not feasible)
  • Ink Paw Print (Note: There are some instances where a paw print is not feasible)
  • Wooden Urn engraved with your pets name and date of passing 
  • Comprehensive online grief information for the entire family
  • Pick up from a local veterinarian office

Weight - Price

  • 0 - 4 lbs. - $50.00 
  • 5 - 30 lbs. - $95.00 (Min Charge for Cats & Dogs)
  • 31 - 75 lbs. - $130.00
  • 76 - 100 lbs. - $160.00
  • 101 - 150 lbs. - $200.00
  • Over 150 Call for Price

*Engrave your pets actual paw-print on wooden urn add $20

Pick up from a local veterinarian office into our care is provided at no additional cost. There are additional fees for out of county vet offices or residence pickups.

*Removal From Franklin City Residence Mon - Fri 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.: $150.00

*Removal from Franklin City Residence after hours or weekend: $225.00

*Any pet over 80 lbs will be charged extra $50 for 2nd person removal from residence

* Open Monday Thru Friday 9 am until 5:30 pm; Saturday & Sunday Call for availability

Private Priority Cremation Care

Private Priority Cremation Care

Provides all noted Private Cremation Care services, however your pet’s cremated remains will be hand delivered to your home within 48 hours.

Additional $75.00

Please call Woodyard Pet Services at (614) 221-7747 for more details on our Cremation Options, or stop by to tour our onsite cremation facility.